Using YouTube as a corpus of spoken English

An online weekend workshop with  Olya Sergeeva

YouTube is a vast source of subtitled spoken English ranging from general to business to ESP, and it has long been an extremely valuable source of authentic video in the business English classroom. Moreover, as technology develops, there appear new ways of using this resource for language learning, and so its pedagogic value keeps growing.

In particular, recently there have started to appear tools that, to a certain extent, allow to access YouTube as a corpus, i.e. find examples of use of specific lexical expressions and grammar. In this workshop I will overview some of these tools and then look more closely at, a free corpus tool and quiz maker. We will look at a variety of classroom activities and teaching techniques that this technology has made possible, concentrating on two areas: 

(1) exploring lexis, grammar and discourse in business-related and specialist channels, and 

(2) finding, analyzing and exploiting subtitled authentic models in the business English classroom.

IATEFL BESIG members and non-members alike are most welcome.

Olya Sergeeva

Olya Sergeeva is a Delta qualified business English trainer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. She works as a curriculum owner at EPAM Systems, a multinational provider of software product development services, where she creates and delivers business English courses and oversees professional development of a team of business English trainers. Her professional interests lie in creating ELT materials informed by research into language acquisition, skills development and corpora. She blogs and shares teaching materials at

This workshop will take place on Saturday, 10th of December 2016, at 3pm GMT

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The workshop will be moderated by members of the IATEFL BESIG Online Team. 

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